Customer centric eBusiness and eGovernment initiatives

We think about the big picture when delivering to end-user expectations for intuitive, engaging and meaningful online services and experiences.

We improve the performance of existing activities and support the development of new initiatives ensuring eBusiness solutions align with organisational strategy and integrate with functions outside of IT for maximum leverage and effect.

Our end-to-end approach to managing eBusiness and eGovernment programs and projects is delivered through the following services:

eMaturity review - 
understanding how effective organisations are delivering value to both customers and business functions helps to identify areas for improvement. Our services are configured to individual needs and cover reviews using three perspectives

  • strategic alignment
  • customer satisfaction
  • functional integration

eBusiness strategy - 
agreeing on what business outcomes are to be delivered and defining the right mix of strategic initiative to achieve them. Our eStrategy services help organisations think and act in an entrepreneurial way to:

  • see how eBusiness can be integrated into their wider organisational strategy in a way that maximises unique strengths and opportunities
  • develop and validate a customer centric strategy with thought leadership and a deep understanding of:
    • industry and market trends
    • customer needs, expectations and behaviours
    • target segments with high propensity to be attracted by eBusiness and eGovernment initiatives
  • integrate eBusiness across sales and marketing, finance, IT, operations and HR functions
  • defining, monitoring and reporting on eBusiness objectives and KPI's

Product & service tailoring 
- aligning your eBusiness and eGovernment marketing mix with your eStrategy to maximise leverage and effectiveness. Our services help you understand the right mix of activities needed to implement strategy by reviewing:

  • product and service functionality, technology features and pricing
  • distribution channels including direct web and mobile and third party routes
  • branding and positioning management including visual translation
  • promotions including online and offline communciation mixes
  • partnerships including complimentory products and services
  • people and processes including best practice management and service delivery structures and development methodologies
  • monitoring and feedback including monitoring of KPI's reporting loops

Creative UCD - our creative UCD services combine our teams' expertise across technology innovation, brand identity and user interface design, usability consulting and user testing. The result is a user experience that aligns with technology and brand requirements and is intuative and visually engaging. Our services in this area cover:

  • user personas, mental models and concept validation
  • information architecture, workflows and wireframes
  • user interface branding & functional prototyping
  • UI style guides and development documentation
  • user test planning and management and user acceptance testing

Technology innovation -
our focus in this area is to ensure eBusiness satisfies user expectations for intuitive and appropriate technology features. Our expertise covers the design of functionality such as:

  • site personalisation, localisation and accounts
  • editorial strategy and plan
  • form and transaction workflows
  • social media such as publishing, messaging, commenting and voting
  • AJAX enhancements
  • flash interactive and video multimedia
  • external content feeds and libraries
  • eLearning content

Please explore our approach for more information about how our eBusiness and eGovernment services can help your organisation.

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