Our approach to delivering Customer centric eBusiness and eGovernment initiatives

The big picture

Acceleration understands that technology is just one element of any eBusiness solution. Our specialist services help organisations see past technology to understand how strategic goals and business objectives can be realised by leveraging online and internet technology and trends.

One size does not fit all

In today's competitive markets organisations must tailor online products and services towards high propensity audience / customer segments. Acceleration helps organisations identify these high value segments and deliver eBusiness initiatives with a higher chance of success.

A focus on end users

We understand the importance of building technology from the perspective of the end user. Our Creative UCD services deliver experiences that are visually engaging, aligned with brand and answer the one question customers and audiences want to know - “what’s useful and relevant to me?”

Focus on quality and control

Acceleration's work is backed by rigorous peer and quality reviewing procedures. Our technology innovation and UCD services are based on the ISO user-centred design standard and are supported by a deep understanding of W3C and government accessability guidelines.

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Why Acceleration?

Since 1999 Acceleration has helped many of Australia’s leading businesses, education providers and government agencies create next generation platform innovations.

A decade of delivery

For more than ten years, Acceleration has been delivering innovative solutions for clients across Australia. Our proven track record, expertise and experience has seen us deliver award-winning results. Here is what our clients say about us.


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