Student & employee centric talent attraction solutions

Whether you're working to increase enrollments to education programs, promoting career pathways or drawing skilled employees to an industry sector or geographic region, our specialised student and workforce attraction marketing services can help.

Our expertise helping organisations grow both student and workforce numbers and quality centres around three core service areas:

Attraction strategy - 
matching internal demand with external supply through a focus on prioritising strategic initiatives to attract highest propensity segments. Our services cover:

  • defining internal demand priorities and trends
  • identifying and understanding supply markets and high propensity audience / employee segments
  • planning strategic initiatives including change projects required to increase conversion rates
  • engaging stakeholder and managing change communications
  • monitoring and reporting on strategy outcomes

Awareness campaigns -
designing effective communication campaigns that reach and trigger responses in high propensity segments using tailored channel and key message mixes. Our services cover:

  • positioning and brand management
  • integrated communication plans
  • communication design and audience testing
  • campaign production and implemenation
  • campaign evaluation

Change management -
aligning features, systems, processes and skills with the marketing strategy to support the attraction and conversion of candidates. Our services cover:

  • project team coordination
  • project implementation plans
  • engagment of specialist skills
  • change communications

These skills are further supported by our extensive experience in managing eBusiness and eGovernment projects and education programs.


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