Our approach to student and workforce attraction

Audience segments

Acceleration understands that there is no single, average customer and that in a highly competitive environment, a one-size-fits-all marketing approach does not work to attract the interest of potential audiences.

Our approach is based on solid research and strategic customer analyses, identifying high propensity segments and tailoring communication efforts.

By understanding different customer segments, their needs, attitudes, behaviours and lifestyles, and using the appropriate media or communication channel, our campaigns hit the right note with the audience and deliver results.

Innovative media mix

Acceleration’s approach leverages the following media mix:

  • Television (where budgets permit)
  • Billboard and bus advertising
  • Targeted local radio
  • Targeted local press
  • Direct mail (if appropriate)
  • PR and advertorials to reinforce and extend message belief and campaign reach
  • Targeted online advertising using Google, SEEK and other channels
  • Search engine marketing and site optimisation - for internet sites involved in campaigns

Balancing short and long term needs

Acceleration understands the careful balancing of your short to mid term priorities with long term needs to both meet your objectives and maintain awareness.

Brand campaign evaluation

Acceleration uses proven methods for evaluation through:

  • Quantitative company reviewing – using questionnaires to evaluate campaigns
  • Qualitative employee reviewing – interviews with workers employed during the campaign period
  • PR - Media monitoring and quantifying earned media penetration
  • Online - Website traffic statistics from sites promoted through the campaign

Solid track record

Acceleration is a trusted supplier of integrated marketing communication services to the Australian government and corporate market. Our track record of successful brand and campaign solutions includes:

  • the Minerals Council of Australia’s MiningCareers.com portal and ‘Now Hiring’ national workforce attraction campaigns
  • Chamber of Minerals and Energy Western Australia’s Choose Mining direct mail and CDROM campaign
  • Queensland Health’s Thinknursing.com portal and state wide nurse attraction campaign
  • School of Earth Science, University of Tasmania’s Why earth science? – youth and student attraction campaign

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Why Acceleration?

Since 1999 Acceleration has helped many of Australia’s leading businesses, education providers and government agencies create next generation platform innovations.

A decade of delivery

For more than ten years, Acceleration has been delivering innovative solutions for clients across Australia. Our proven track record, expertise and experience has seen us deliver award-winning results. Here is what our clients say about us.


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