Our approach to education programs and eLearning resources

A focus on audience engagement

The foundation of our approach is inspiring audiences with a desire to learn. We achieve this by contextualising educational messages and learning outcomes in a way that is relevant to specific audiences - ensuring our solutions connect with their lives and experiences and speak their language.

Learning innovation

We develop flexible learning experiences, allowing audiences to interact with resources according to their own unique learning style, development level and interests. We incorporate contemporary visual design and popular culture to produce eLearning resources that capture the heart and imagination of our users.

Access to specialist networks

Our proven track record has given us access to a network of education sector stakeholders and specialists who help us find opportunities to deliver educational campaigns and resources and align with K-12 curriculum trends.

Multi-discipline teams

At the beginning of each project, we establish a multi-disciplinary team of experts aligned with your specific requirements. These teams often include:

  • subject matter experts (including teachers and instructors)
  • learning and instructional designers
  • creative and visual designers
  • technicians including production and programming skills
  • project managers


Quality assurance

Our learning development work is backed by rigorous quality assurance and proven iterative software development techniques. Based on the ISO user-centred design process, our methodology is specific to the development of quality interactive education content and is flexible and adaptable to project needs. 

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Why Acceleration?

Since 1999 Acceleration has helped many of Australia’s leading businesses, education providers and government agencies create next generation platform innovations.

A decade of delivery

For more than ten years, Acceleration has been delivering innovative solutions for clients across Australia. Our proven track record, expertise and experience has seen us deliver award-winning results. Here is what our clients say about us.


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